I would love to hear about your book and sell it with mine.

When I first began writing, it was as a man possessed, I put heart and soul into it and when I had been through all the procedures and had a ready to sell product, I started to look around for ways to sell. It was all going to be a walk in the park, people were sure to love my book, it was so original and fresh and exciting. Small digression here: Over the time that I was writing, I met this girl who when she was told that I was writing a book, cornered me and told me about her own book. Trouble was, she hadn’t actually written it yet. She was convinced that the world would be fascinated with her story. I tried to put across my view, that it would hardly be, easy, to sell a book. That people would only be interested if it were a literary special, very funny and witty, or that it be extraordinarily well marketed at great expense. She wouldn’t listen, young people rarely do these days. But she had a great smile. Well I mentioned this girl, because I must confess, in my hearts of hearts, that I also believed that my book would “fly ” simply because I thought it was good. Well (double base), It wasn’t quite that easy, even for a really special type like me. I soon had to come to grips with the notion that there were, a whole huge bunch of other would be, great authors touting their own concoctions, and in the playful swell of anticipated success lurked all these brooding providers, gleeful in their myriad promises of greatness for they who would part with their money. True they offered services, and strangely most promised powerful and effective marketing to finally disseminate this product, a product that they would assist in perfecting, to the four winds. They promised greatness with cries of: “Good editing services for you, basic, thorough or intense. We’ll read your book, proofread, ” Strange that few later knew what the book was about. Or they offered packages all inclusive, or straight marketing, or PR, and what a Dunce you were at not understanding the meaning of all the different terms they had so glibly thought up in their construction of a Market place for you to spend your money.

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