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Paul Ogarra and Good grief what’s going

As twenty twenty-two draws to a halt and a new year looms ominously ahead, we, or at least those amongst us who give a damn, who are not part of the, drink and be merry brigade or the, I’m all right Jack mob, are wondering what it’s all about.

I was actually in Kiev the day and the night, and indeed the week of the Orange revolution, and as a staunch supporter of all things democratic I was swept along by the enthusiasm of all my friends. But when asked what I thought, I would say that it worried me, that many Ukrainians wanted to remain with Russia. In fact, it was more or less fifty-fifty, so the next few years saw political turmoil and the obvious hand of America and Europe, covertly interfering in the process.

Who actually poisoned Yushenko? When we see what has happened all over the world in subsequent years, the rape of, or the covert interference in the politics of so many countries, Palestine, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and so on and so forth, we begin to wonder. And when we consider that Yanukovych, the president legally installed at the start by the failing Kuchma and the constitutional tribunals, and voted in again in 2004 by the majority, and yet set aside by Yushchenko’s baseless allegations of fraud and the mass protests and rioting which came to be known as the Orange Revolution, It suddenly occurs to us that similar scenarios led to the collapse of Libya and are today attempting to threaten the stability of Iran.


And yet Yanukovych and his party eventually managed to be re-elected in 2014, and again screams of fraud and public riots and public uprisings, again orchestrated from abroad together with terrible credit ratings from the US body Standard and Poor, all of this enhanced for good measure by the, we have since learned, totally unfree western press. To “save the day” Oleksandr  Turchynov Deputy leader chappie of fatherland, a political party had himself declared interim president, something that Yanukovych termed a Coup D’etat.


Throughout the years during which all of this took place, we, all of us who had not sold our souls totally to the unprincipled removal of all parameters of decency, morality good sense, and security, which I am told is the essence of Neo-Liberalism, wondered when the new and very patient Russian bear would finally decide that enough was finally enough.  Having said such, one can in no way condone Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine although it’s staggering to note the impertinence of NATO, Europe, and the US whose ridiculous rhetoric in which they attempt to take the high moral ground falls on deaf ears given that they have invaded more countries in the last few years, even than Atilla the Hun in his prime.

And then to pass on to another major crime against humanity, Palestine. I don’t at this juncture need to dwell on all that has happened in the past to be able to express my horror that the crime against the people of Palestine and her children, her small children, so many of whom are dragged from their beds in the middle of the night or seized unexpectedly on their way to or from school and beaten tortured or even worse, is being perpetrated today and every day. What Israel is doing to the people of Palestine today is unspeakably evil, neither the descriptions of apartheid nor genocide go far enough. And in all of this, this evil state is supported, applauded, and condoned by practically the whole of the Western World in particular America, and not only under its present administration, as this state of affairs has persisted for many years now.

The list is endless, the state of the UK of today and its impending demise as a financial power or for that matter as a country that exercises humanity to its own poor, sick old, or immigrant population, the rank and massive corruption being practiced or so we are told by so many members of her political, financial or administrative classes.

The ongoing bombing of civilian populations in so many places, and countries. Yemen where children are starving to death, victims of yet another criminal blockade imposed by a failing empire and its pathetic and blood-lusting leaders.

Afghanistan is a people left to their own devices after twenty years of colonial domination, the yoke of which they threw off by their own devices and will, and today cynically deprived of the right to survive by the retention of billions of dollars of the Afghan people’s own wealth by the banished invader.

Christmas is upon us, a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. I was saddened to see the sick advert that a popular brand of whiskey has created to celebrate this birthday. Surely to understand and accept the colour, creed, and condition of all human beings should be enough, or are we now expected to understand and glorify, indeed even be moved to purchase an item by the depraved ideas they are foisting onto our children with the finality of breaking up the fabric of our societies and reduce humanity to an even greater extent than they have already succeeded in doing.




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